A short history…

I discovered my love for the game of cricket at the age of 13.  Way too late to become a significant cricketer.  At the age of 16 I made the decision to pursue cricket coaching as a career.  At this time cricket coaching as a job or career did not exist.

In and around the age of 21 I realised that there is more to this game than just the skills.  So my fascination with the mental side, more than any other peripheral  domain (physio, fitness, nutrition etc.) began.  I read, researched and studied as much as I could with limited resources to enhance my knowledge on the mental side of the game.

In 2009 I discovered a coaching system that focuses almost exclusively on understanding the inner workings of human beings and how we produce our performance’s.

So here we are now in 2018… my wife, Dedre and I made the decision to commit our joint efforts to create the worlds best resource for cricketers, looking for information on sport psychology and or the mental game of cricket.[/text_output]

Play your Game my Coaching Philosophy

Play Your Game, resonates through everything I do as a coach.

For me, to ‘Play Your Game’ means to have the ability to be authentic and true to yourself.  To be free from the things that hold you back to fully express who you are through your game.

I believe that it is our greatest challenge to find ourselves in the thoughts, opinions, ideas, and suggestions that come our way through ourselves, other people (parents and coaches) and the world around us.

It’s not that we become something different, rather that we live and play with nothing taken away.

‘It is my personal mission to help cricketers discover themselves so they can raise their games and performance to be consistent, effective and of the quality that they desire.’[/text_output]

Co-owner of The Cricket Coaches a private cricket coaching company.  I have coached numerous provicial school boy cricketers.

Co-owner of The Celestial Knights franchise in the LPL.  Coached the Senior Team to the title in 2017.

Junior Club Head Coach, building the best junior club in within the boundaries of the Central Gauteng Lions region.

Performance Coach to CGL U19, Academy and Senior Provincial teams.

Performance Facilitation of team and individual players performance within the squad.

Head Coach at Trinityhouse Randpark High School.