Be the best you can be…

Cricket is a beautiful game.  It is a team game, yet individuals can influence the result of any game in an instant.  A hundred or five wicket haul, dropped catch or poor decision, can make or break your team’s performance on any day.  How you contribute and play at your best impacts your future and the team’s.

Yet I am about more than just performance.  I understand that in order for you to perform at your best, you need to be our best.  And so…

I partner with cricketers through conversations to shift mindsets, create awareness and learning, while growing a better sense of self.  I co-create with cricketers the self confidence, belief and performances and/ or results they want.

*Your cricket ability and skill can influence the outcomes we pursue.


The Toss

‘The Toss’ is and introductory session where you and I get to explore your current perofrmance experiences and where you feel you can grow to level up your game.

  • 1 x 45 Minute Session R150

The Innings

‘The Innings’ is a series of conversations that flow predominantly around your needs and outcomes. Typically these get you to reflect, decide, shift and act in ways that will help you to raise your game to the level you desire.

4-8 Sessions @ 1 Hour Each

  • 4 Sessions at R3000 (R750 per session)
  • 6 Sessions at R4100 (R683,33 per session)
  • 8 Sessions at R5200 (R650 per session)

Quick Single’s

‘Quick Single’s’ are once off coaching conversations for individuals who have a specific conversation they want to have and they believe that one session will be enough.

  • 1 Hour at R950
  • 1.5 Hour at R1350
  • 2 Hour at R1700

Where can I get coaching?

Face 2 Face

I am available for Face 2 Face coaching in Gauteng and surrounding areas, South Africa.  I travel from time to time and can make myself available during my travels for coaching at a venue that suits you.

Online – Preferred

As the world is more and more connecting us through the internet, online mental game interventions are my preferred method of coaching as it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or find yourself, we can get work done.

I am available on Zoom.

But can also use FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger and Skype.

Why consider partnering with me?

There could be many reasons why any individual could consider facilitating inteventions to raise their game.  below I list some things you might be experiencing or are currently aware of.

Do you currently feel like…

  • you are under performing?
  • your performances are inconsistent?
  • your technical or skills work is not bringing about the performances you want?

Then a facilitation intervention is for you as these are the one side of the coin I support cricketers on.  The other is…

Do you currently feel like…

  • you want more.
  • you want to level up your performances.
  • you have serious goals you are chasing.
  • you want to step up to your potential and knock it out the park.

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